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Exploratory Stage 2 Whelk Fishing Survey
(Arichat, NS, October 20, 2016)

Premium Seafoods Limited is set to begin its 2016 Whelk survey, 50 nautical miles outside NAFO Division 4W. In accordance with the terms of its 2016 Exploratory Whelk fishing licence, the company is authorized to fish for Waved Whelk and associated by-catch (Stimpson's Whelk and Moonsnail Whelk). Read more...

Premium Seafoods CEO strongly supports the Trans Pacific Partnership(TPP) Trade Deal
(Arichat, NS, October 5, 2015)

Edgar Samson, CEO of Premium Seafoods Group  is convinced that the historic 12-nation tariff-cutting  Trans Pacific Partnership agreement reached today will open access to new markets and strengthen the Canadian seafood industry. This pact will provide the industry with close to 248 million potential new customers in the Asia-Pacific region. Read more...

Premium Seafoods Group Launches New Website and Logo
(Arichat, NS, June 6, 2011)

Premium Seafoods Group (PSG) today launched its new website, including the official announcement of its name change and logo. The new name and logo along with the website are aimed at renewing the Group’s image; making it easier for its customers to better understand who PSG is and the premium seafood it has to offer. Read more...


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